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A Blueprint

March 18, 2010

Take this engineered drawing, this technical way
of rendering solid, real, till-now ideas
beyond misunderstanding. Anything can be seen,
looked at the right way. A point in plan

becomes a line in space. It’s how you read
out of a sheet of paper. You can go over
and over, building this thing up in the blind eye
of imagination until you say I see

thoughtfully, remembering a bright day
in the tropics, the sun so directly overhead
no shadows fell from you. Even though
it would be like that, you always knew

the logic of certain events—geometry, algebra,
the technique of balancing both sides, the pure
truth of numbers—the letters of concept
eventually you understood, and kept,

while all the formulas you ever thought you’d need
were swept away–the torn pages of a map
that left the whole world squared, planed, and comprehensible
now scattered, faded, stained

beyond reading. It was an idea you had
a grip on once, how you could see all three
dimensions in two, looking from above—
how they were almost tangible. House. Way. Love.

© David Hirzel
First published in Mid-American Review Fall 1985

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