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#2. First Time Director: Second Reading with the cast—sparks begin to fly

October 6, 2010

Not sparks between the cast and crew—sparks between Francis and Sophy as they (the characters, not the actors) start to experience the devastating conclusion to their ill-timed and ill-chosen romance. Two people drawn to each other—perhaps more strongly from one side of the relationship, or perhaps not—grow testy and impatient with each other, revealing the disillusionment that must come from a long pursued but ultimately unrequited love.

In the second scene Francis’ hopelessly optimistic longing for his Sophy takes flight, only to be brought to earth by their irreconcilable differences. The setting is in his polar exploration ship Terror, crushed in the ice of the Northwest Passage and doomed, as is his dream of winning her hand in marriage at his hero’s return to England. But Francis Crozier is not the only one to suffer. Sophy had her dreams and goals too.

It is a tribute to these two actors, Byron and Alexa, that they have with a few deft touches of intonation brought these characters to life–at the second table reading. Next week, the stage for a first rehearsal.

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