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3. First Time Director: Third Reading, in costume, on stage for the first time

October 13, 2010

For the first time, the stage is ours. It’s small, 15’ x 17’ or thereabouts, backed with blue curtains, fronted with (for the time being, this is a classroom not a theatre) study tables instead of ranks of seating. The series producer has asked for publicity shots from rehearsals, of the actors in costume. We can do that. Alexa has her own cache of historically accurate costumes for Sophy; Byron and the director pool their resources to clothe Francis. The prop bin is already half full.

It’s not a rehearsal, more of a staged reading in costume. It’s only the end of the second week, we’re still reading, but now that we have a stage to move around, under the lights, the whole production begins to take shape.

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