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13. First Time Director: Accolades

December 13, 2010

Now that the perfect storm of applause and accolades has died away. . .

Well, maybe it was a zephyr. . .

From SF Bay Times (11/181/0)
“Lambie gives a heartfelt performance as the Captain, and Chipman is a vision of loveliness as Sophy in a beautiful peach Victorian gown (which she designed and made herself). Sound effects (also designed by Chipman) are especially good as is author Hirzel’s direction of the two contrasting scenes.”

From the Commuter Times (12/2/10):
“This Fall Season’s Fringe is the best of recent years—with some hints of the exciting scrappy little festival of its early days. . .Promising among (the shows) in Program One is Francis and Sophy: A Victorian Romance, written and directed by David Hirzel.”

Audience and critics’ awards were announced at the conclusion of Program Two’s final perfomance.

For Francis and Sophy:
• Bay Area Critics’ Circle nominations for “Best Play” and “Best Director.”
• Audience nominations for Best Actress (Alexa Chipman as Sophy Cracroft) and Best Actor (Byron Lambie as Captain Francis Crozier).
• Audience awards for “Best Play” (fourth place) and “Best Director” (Fourth Place)

And you all know by now, it was about more than awards, or lines, or words. . .

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  1. Darlene Frank permalink
    December 15, 2010 9:23 pm

    Congratulations, Dave, on all the accolades! I’m sure you are celebrating this week! Delighted it all turned out so well!


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