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Self-publishing 102

July 7, 2011

Everything that happens here at the ranch has to have a zero budget.

Zero dollars, that is, because the time involved in getting a book to press mounts up pretty quickly.

The writing, as it turns out, is something like half the total work needed to produce a book, and the only part that has the added allure of artistic endeavor. The rest of it–rewriting, copy editing, proofing galleys, approving for publication only to find a swarm of unnoticed typos and ill-considered phraseologies scattered throughout–this is more like work, without the glory. Not that glory, or fame, or what-have-you, was EVER in the anticipated program.

A traditional publisher expects you to spend your advance on promotion. Terra Nova Press expects the same of this author of “Sailor on Ice.”

For starters, I offer you my website “Antarctic Discovery: Sailors on Ice.” Click on the link just to the right of this sentence and join the real explorers through the magic of their own words, written one hundred years ago in that bygone era where science, duty, and honor were the driving forces in an explorer’s life.

Next up: Summer and Fall 2011 Book Tours

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  1. July 8, 2011 12:56 pm

    Well said, David. Now, as we all know, it is important 2 just keep on, keeping on. That is self publishing 102 to 10002 & on & on………………….

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