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An Ordination

January 30, 2012

I always cry at weddings, just a discreet tear or two. I am reminded of my own (two) which, although neither turned out as planned, both stand out in my memory as the most blissful, rewarding days of my own short life.

An ordination–the ceremonial confirmation of a man of the cloth, by the church whos precepts he has chosen, to the congregatin that has chosen him, is very like a marriage. I certainly had no notion of this idea before my own pastor Paul Mowry was ordained at Sausalito Presbyterian yesterday (January 29, 2012).

The ceremony itself is detailed in specific ways by the Presbytery, accompanied by a more elaborate, less structured personal confirmation by those who have come to know him and speak to and for him before the congregation (a full church, and it isn’t even Christmas or Easter).

From the elders of the church, a series of “charges”, to which the answer is “I do” or “I will.” These are serious commitments. Life long, grounded in faith that THIS moment, that THESE words, are to stand for all time.

There is a purity to those words, “I do.” They shine for the moment with almighty fire, and a faith that the future will comfirm this commitment. We can never know what will come, so we give our all to the day that is in hand and trust that faith will be redeemed.

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  1. January 30, 2012 9:33 pm

    Weddings, marriage should b outlaw in this part of the world, 65% end in divorce, & still rising.

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