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Fringe of Marin Spring 2012: If you missed it. . . .

April 29, 2012

4/29/2012:  Well, if you missed the Spring Fringe, you really missed a lot.  There is something in it for everyone, and always a few performances that absolutely take your breath away.  Elements of high art in writing, directing, acting, and the ultimate intimacy of a very small stage–minimal props, charmingly ancient lighting–an a small house.

Special mention here to “Hitting the High Notes,” a solo piece written and performed by Valentina Osinkski (directed by Lauren Lundgren).  That old magic again:  many roles brought to light by just a change in voice and posture, witty and fast paced, and with some stellar opera vocals thrown into the mix.  Just one of the many treasures.  I can almost guarantee that at any Fringe of Marin (now in season 29) you care to come to, there will be something that will absolutely amaze you.

After the final performance, the awards were announced, and I’m very happy to say that my one-act play “A Chance Encounter”  grabbed a handful:  Critic’s choice Best Director 2nd Place to Jim Coglan, who modestly forwarded the credit on to the amazing actors  C. Conrad Cady  and Crystal Nezgoda, both of whom placed in the Critics’ Awards.

In the audience vote, we took 2nd place Best Play, Conrad 2nd place Best Actor, Crystal 4th place Best Actress, with a nod to Jim Coglan for director.

Many thanks to these three for such a memorable production of my humble words, also to Stage Director Suzanne Birrell and Program Director Annette Lust for keeping it all going.

Stay tuned for updates on the fall 2012 season, coming in November.


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