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Crossing the Water

May 26, 2012

The Long Splices had a rehearsal last night in the kitchen of Mark DeHaas’ cozy cabin in the shadow of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Ben Lomond.  It takes some doing to get together for this, as we live one geographical degree apart.  Other than that separation, we continually find that we are living the same life in many ways.  We had once worked together in the same antique refinishing shop.  We were kindred souls then, but life takes us in different directions and we lost touch.  By pure accident we reconnected sailing on the schooner Gaslight on the Bay.  It was as though thirty years’ separation had never happened.

When the Long Splices lines up one of our infrequent gigs, we pin down times and dates for rehearsals.  Last night was one such.  We look for songs we can sing from the heart, where we can find that pure and elegant place where sound and sense become the threads of a new fabric, and in the weaving of it we are transformed.

Afterward, when the fire in the stove burns down to embers,   the talk drifts off to the deeper meanings of life and love, of hard experience that for all its travail molds us into the people we have become.  Not that I want to go all metaphysical on you. . . .

Really, we are just a couple of guys who like to sing.   The set list for our gig at the Galleria Stage at the San Mateo County Fair ( includes songs traditional and new, some with harmony and some with choruses that all can join.  One of them, written by Joanne Davis, has this reminder:

‘You may row the boat forever, believing you are free. You cannot cross the water, you can only row to me’

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  1. May 26, 2012 11:37 am

    Well written. Thnks 4 sharing. Hope I get 2 hear U guys in person.

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