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“South Pole-sium” Antarctic Conference: June 15-17. 2012

June 20, 2012

At a call from the website, sixty-odd men and women–veterans of the ice, historians, authors, artists of various kinds, descendants of those who had staked their lives on the pursuit of science and exploration–came to Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA.  To meet each other, to talk and forge relationships–friendships–that reach across the globe, and indeed across the bounds of time.

The call came at first from Rob Stephenson of  He already understood that this community existed, and would come from all corners of the world to meet on one piece of terra firma, and from that meeting forge links that will span the globe, and time.

It was more than a conference, or possibly in Rob’s vision less:   a “South Pole-sium” the first perhaps only of its kind.  Non-academic, with no keynote speakers, no honoraria, no predictable agenda (each session’s speakers being decided on the spot, minutes before the session would begin).  The idea of bringing us all together in one spot demanded flexibility, as does any visit to the polar regions.

There can be no reporting of what transpired.  All who came–and by this I mean all–have come away from Jaffrey with new associations and friendships which defy a catalogue of events and conclusions.  Those who attended, came away changed.  (Many thanks to our host Rob Stephenson front row right end, kneeling)  (your blogger is front row kneeling, third from right)

–photo by Sally Larsen–

Antarcticans meet in New Hampshire: June 15-17. 2012

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  1. June 21, 2012 1:23 pm

    Very interesting. As always thnks 4 sharing.

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