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Aegean Aubade II

January 22, 2013

Aegean Aubade. Part II: Santorini Landfall

The sails flap idly, hung sheets not even damp
in the uncertain predawn roseate light.
Up in the eastern sky Venus hangs her lamp.
It too vanishes with departing night.
To the west, a last island passes abeam.
We nose into the spare, unbroken, early-morning sea
between faint headlands. Above them, slashed clouds gleam
for two seamen, the cook, the helmsman, me.
Below decks, in that peculiar cradle framed
by the timbers of a wooden sailing ship, she lies—
where we lay, in calmer waters still, half-asleep
in passage between islands seen and unseen, named
and unnamed, as this our ardent vessel plies
new waters, rocking in the bosom of the deep.

–by David Hirzel (First published in Fault Zone)

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