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Aegean Aubade I

January 24, 2013

Aegean Aubade. Part I: Dawn Watch

The sea’s like hammered silver, a heaving wedge
brilliant in moonlight, dazzling the eye
outward to the night sky’s razor edge,
tossing waves beneath the deep indigo sky.
This ship’s a roller; the arc of the mast sweeps
the stars from forty-five degrees. The watch
on deck’s busy all night, that below sleeps,
or tries to. The captain strikes a match.
Nothing’s to be heard but the gurgle and tap
of cross-sea on bow, the hastening surge
of water alongside, the jib’s intermittent flap,
too close to wind. Venus and Mercury launch their show;
moonlight, twilight, dawn light merge.
The dawn watch ends. The seamen go below.

by David Hirzel (First published in Fault Zone)

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