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Some Thoughts on Playwriting, from John Galsworthy

October 1, 2013

–from “Some Platitudes Concerning Drama”–

“There is a third course [in the craft of playwriting]: To set before the public no cut-and-dried codes, but the phenomena of life and character, selected and combined, but not distorted, by the dramatist’s outlook, set down without fear, favor, or prejudice, leaving the public to draw such poor moral as nature may afford. This third method requires a certain detachment; it requires sympathy with, a love of, and a curiosity as to, things for their own sake; it requires a far view, together with patient industry, for no immediately practical result.”

Aha! says I. I’m in good company, here with Galsworthy. “. . .no immediately practical result.” And yet I go on, looking for and through dialog possibly finding, the truth of the matter behind Captain Mackenzie’s actions in “Articles of War: The Somers Affair.”

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