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On the writing of a Trilogy. . . .

March 5, 2015

On the creation of a trilogy–which the three parts of Tom Crean’s real-life adventures certainly comprise–consider these thoughts adapted from the interview of graphic novel creator Jason Neulander by Chad Jones appearing in SF Chronicle’s “96 Hours” dated 3/5-8/15.

Jones: “Do you need to have seen the [first installment] to enjoy those following?”

Neulander: “Absolutely not. No previous [] experience necessary. The story stands alone. Book two is, like any good middle part of a trilogy, a little bit darker. It has more characters and is more complex.”

The same can be said of the Tom Crean trilogy “Sailor on Ice.” Each of the books is intended to stand alone as a story, and work with one or both of the other two to create a monumental story of one man’s survival–not as an individual, but always and inevitably as a part of a team dependent on the integrity and strength of each of its members ensuring the ultimate survival of all.

[The three books of the Tom Crean trilogy in order of historical event are “Antarctic Voyager (1901-1904),” “Sailor on Ice (1910-1913),” and “Hold Fast (1913-1916),” are all in print as of May 2015, and will be subsequently published by Terra Nova Press as a boxed set entitled “Sailor on Ice” in 2016.]

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  1. March 6, 2015 4:21 pm

    Knowing these stories—author Hirzel— vry well I agree, each stands on its own. YES.

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