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The Power of the Pen: More important now than ever

January 20, 2017

The old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” has taken on a new meaning, and a new urgency. But in today’s volatile world of instantaneous communication, where irreparable damage can be done to reputations and diplomacy by the issuance of an ill-considered, off-the-cuff, and outright dangerous TWEET by a man soon to be head of state of the most powerful and well-respected nation in the world.

The new adage: “The Pen is mightier than the Tweet.” The well-considered, fully developed thought, presented in complete sentences and paragraphs, skillfully argued, has got to be the strongest tool we have to combat this insidious threat.

Those who think the complex issues of the world can be described, addressed, and resolved in an onslaught of 140-character missives must have small minds indeed. Those with a more expansive intellect will need persuasive, well-reasoned discourse to offer real solutions to real-world, urgent problems.

This is where the flow of real ink in a real postmarked letter, or a carefully constructed and persuasive email to your friends, your community, and your legislators can have the power to make a difference. The more such persuasion, the greater number of such letters, the more powerful the flood tide of correspondence, the more likely we can demonstrate that it is the people of the United States who wield the power, not the dark money oligarchs.

You can use Google search right now, to find the addresses of your own state and federal legislators, as well as those of the Senate and House Majority and Minority leaders, and let them know you expect better, of them, and of the incoming chief executive who seems to think that the solutions to problems facing the nation and the world can be described in 140 characters.

Without your active participation, they will never know the power of the pen. This is more important today, than ever. The newly inaugurated president, and the party-first congress who supports him, MUST hear the voice of America loud and clear.

Please forward this message along to anyone you know who hopes for a better future for the USA.

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