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Playwrights on Playwriting: Arthur Miller on “The Question of Intensity.”

November 24, 2017

“It matters not at all whether a modern play concern itself with a grocer or a president if the intensity of the hero’s commitment to his course is less than the maximum possible.

“It matters not at all whether the hero falls from a great height or a small one, whether he is highly conscious or only dimly aware of what is happening, whether his pride brings the fall or an unseen pattern written behind the clouds; if the intensity, the human passion to surpass his given bounds, the fanatic insistence upon his upon his self-conceived role—if these are not present there can only be an outline of tragedy but no living thing”

Arthur Miller quoted from “Playwrights on Playwriting: The Meaning and Making of Modern Drama from Ibsen to Ionesco” (Ed. Toby Cole, 1960)

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