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“It will be far more difficult to undo than to do.”–Alexander Hamilton

January 14, 2020

Alexander Hamilton was one of many astute statemen who came to be known as the “Founding Fathers” who created the Constitution and the “American way of life” that we have become accustomed to under its direction. He was recognized as such long before the current hit musical bearing his name became the cultural phenomenon of the current decade.

His words and ideas warrant your attention—it will be a study—so when we share a few here, bear in mind that he has a much greater legacy to be reckoned with. Many of them have great resonance in critique of the current political situation that is threatening to destroy our government.

“. . . . though obstacles and delays frequently stand in the way of adoption of good measures, yet when once adopted they are likely to be stable and permanent. It will be far more difficult to undo than to do.”

Think about those last words again, in terms of what has been done—in the matter of allowing the electoral college to elect a patently unfit man to the high office of the presidency. The current impeachment and impending trial, is a direct result of an outdated “once adopted they are likely to be stable and permanent” electoral college majority that overwhelmed the choice of a clear majority of American voters in 2016.

Undoing that result has been, and will continue to be, far more difficult that the MAGA crowd’s attaining it. Are you up for the task?

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